Wedding Videography NJ

We film 15 weddings a year and only work with couples who want a unique wedding film. It requires countless meetings/phone calls, planning and execution from you and us. We are up for the challenge. If you are, keep reading below or check out our WEDDING FILMS page to watch our awesome wedding videography/cinematography.  

Bliss Wedding Films is a former cinematography division of NYNJ PHOTOGRAPHY. We have been raising the bar and perfecting the art of wedding film making. We are honored to create wedding films which bring your memories to life and allow you to relive your big day with a nostalgic smile on your face and tears of joy in your eyes. Our cinematic wedding videography style is simple! We create films which are storytelling and cinematic. Of course, there are a thousand ways to tell the story and that is where you come in. Every client is different and so is their wedding movie. We love to brainstorm ideas with our clients to create a unique masterpiece which combines your vision with our style. It requires many phone calls/meetings, planning and execution. 

We create wedding videos that tell a story and are cinematic, known for our unique look, creative angles, and our ability to capture the bliss of the wedding festivities. We also consider ourselves wedding cinematography, not necessarily wedding videography, and so we’d love to help answer your questions on the difference between these two titles.


Wedding Cinematography

Overall, it’s not about the title. It’s about the artistry. Both titles are often used interchangeably, as we can call ourselves videographers producing cinematic and storytelling wedding films, or cinematographers producing wedding videos, and the result is the same – it’s not what we call ourselves but what we produce for the bride and groom. 

Cinematography, though, is the art of film making. It’s about telling a story. Videography is simply about recording. Anyone can record. We want to be there to make sure that what we create is something magical. Finding an Indian wedding videographer is easy. Finding a great Indian wedding videographer is hard. Our role is to make sure you have a great one at your fingertips – a cinematographer to tell your wedding story. 

Decades Ago, All Weddings Were Videography

It was not long ago when wedding videographers had it easy. They simply set up a bunch of camcorders, tripods, and tapes, and they recorded the entire wedding over those tapes and delivered them to clients. It was a great way to document an entire wedding, and easy for the videographer.

But there was a problem: 

Even though the tapes had everything that the couple needed, the bride and groom experience no joy watching it. It was simply boring footage with no story, no emotion, and no details. 

Over the years, the quality of Indian wedding videography dramatically changed, for reasons that include:

  • Better Camera Technology – Camera technology has improved dramatically, and become more affordable. For example, Canon introduced the Mark II DSLR, and wedding videographers were able to use this DSLR with interchangeable lenses to get cinematic images. The combination of color science, low light performance, and non-linear editing allowed images to become cinematic, and the camera was so light that stabilizer systems could be added for unique movements. 
  • Social Media Grew – Increased social media presence increased the demand for better quality wedding videos, because it showed stark differences between good wedding videos and bad wedding videos, giving videographers and bride/grooms something to strive for.
  • Drones Became Affordable – The film industry has always used helicopters to capture amazing shots and moments, but these were out of the price range of most weddings. But then drones were released – unmanned aerial vehicles at a price point that cinematographers could afford, thus giving videographers more tools they could use to capture images. Seeing things from the sky was now something that could be in wedding videos.
  • Finally, a new generation of wedding filmmakers came with a unique vision on how to use the above technology, able to create wedding videos that have never been seen before.

Choose the Right Wedding Videographer

Hiring the right wedding videography company is an investment, since your wedding film will be watched for generations. It is the one thing that you will have for the rest of your life from your special day. Wedding film making may feel expensive, but when you hire the right company – a company that truly understands the CINEMATOGRAPHY of weddings, not simply the recording of video, that extra investment will be well worth it.