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Bliss wedding films strives to be the top Indian wedding videography company by creating films that help our couples relive their special day. We are one of the top choices on the East Coast to capture Indian weddings, and we work with weddings of all cultures creating video that lasts a lifetime.

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Quality Indian Wedding Videography in New Jersey with Bliss Weddings

Your special day deserves to be captured and relived over and over again. Here at Bliss Wedding Films, our role is to be there with you throughout your wedding, and craft a wedding video that you’re happy to watch each and every year.

While we do provide videography for all different types of cultural weddings, we have developed a reputation in NJ for our Indian wedding videography. Our team has attended and recorded dozens of Indian weddings, and our understanding of the culture and theme, combined with our interpersonal approach help us create wedding videos that capture the true heart of this amazing event.

We’d love an opportunity to craft a beautiful custom wedding video for your wedding day that you and your loved ones can enjoy now and in the future.

About Our Indian Wedding Videography in NJ

True wedding cinematography involves creativity, talent, and a genuine love for weddings. Indian weddings, especially, require an advanced technical skill to capture the colors, emotion, and culture that plays a part in the entire wedding experience.


At Bliss Wedding Films, we create beautiful Indian wedding videos that are:

  • Personalized – Every video we create is tailored to your personality, your wedding, and your love for each other. No two videos are ever exactly the same, because no two couples are ever the same.
  • Cinematic – Our goal is to create videos that capture the heart, emotion, and feel of actually being there at the event. Each video is made to tell a story, so that even those that did not attend can imagine how special it was to be there.
  • Professional – Our experience allows us to create videos that will withstand the tests of time, filmed and edited to be thoroughly professional and clear.

Not long ago, we were given the prestigious “Top 50 Cinematography Studios” award by Wedding Industry Awards, one of the only Indian wedding videography companies to receive such an honor, and one of the few in New Jersey. We can also help with destination weddings, and we’d love an opportunity to get to know you as a couple.

If you haven’t yet, please feel free and visit the portfolio to see the passion we put into the work. If you’d like to learn more, or you’re ready to tell us about your wedding, please call today at 732-824-4740 or fill out our contact form and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Indian Wedding Cinematography | An Indian Wedding Specialist

Here at Bliss Wedding Films, we have a genuine passion for weddings. Based in New Jersey, we’ve shot weddings from all cultures, all over the United States. But we have a soft spot for Indian wedding Cinematography. Our founder, Nayeem Modan, moved to the US from India in 2001. Since then, he has become a specialist in Indian wedding cinematography, creating dozens of beautiful wedding videos.

The Value of an Indian Wedding Specialist

Every Indian wedding is unique. But culturally, they have many common characteristics. From the ganesh pooja to the sangeet, both Indian weddings and multicultural Indian inspired weddings tend to have features that make the events so special.

As an Indian wedding cinematographer, Bliss Weddings understands the beauty, form, fun, love, and elegance that is present in each one of these weddings. This allows us to truly and genuinely capture the moments that make each day so special, and then craft a wedding video that portrays those emotions to its audience.

Indian Wedding Cinematography in NJ and NY from Bliss Wedding Films

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We’d love for you to take a few moments and watch some of the films that we’ve created in the past at other Indian weddings. Each wedding has its own special style, substance, and ambiance. Nayeem makes it his goal to create videos that will make you smile, cry, and feel, all within the context of your specific wedding.

There are so many ways to tell a story. At Bliss Weddings, we look for YOUR story. We:

  • Get to Know You – We take the time to learn more about you as a couple, so that we can envision how to turn your love into something you can see on screen.
  • Following Every Detail – It is the little details that make a wedding so special. We’ll make sure to capture those details in addition to the major moments, so that you continue to remember every part of your wedding day.
  1. Creating a Story – Once we have all of the video, Nayeem will piece together the story of you, so that when you watch it, you relive each amazing day over and over again.

If you require Indian wedding cinematography spread out over multiple days, we’ll be there to record every special moment. For more information about our Indian wedding cinematography services, please call us today at 732-824-4740 or fill out our contact form to get started.

Indian Wedding Movie | Make Your Wedding Day Truly Special

Every wedding tells a story. We at Bliss Wedding Films try our best to tell that story for you, creating Indian wedding movies that provide a combination of storytelling/cinematography, with the attention to detail that captures the look and feel of your special day.

If you’d like to learn more about our Indian wedding movie development services, please contact us today at 732-824-4740.

Beautiful Movies Tailored to You

We shoot a limited number of weddings per year because we believe in taking the time to treat each wedding video we create like it is truly an Indian movie – one made so professionally and with such a commitment to story and emotion, that anyone that views it will feel as though they are watching a big budget film.

Yet it’s not just the storytelling that makes the movie:

  • It’s you.
  • It’s your guests.
  • It’s the details.

It’s the entire wedding event. All of our Indian wedding movies and films are brought to life by the love, care, and aura that you and your loved ones are able to express towards this amazing occasion. It is your wedding itself that shapes our vision, and what makes it a story worth telling.

Love and Culture Combined – Your Indian Wedding

Whether you have an Indian theme wedding, or you are performing the 3 day cultural and spiritual event, we’ll be there to capture the magic. Bliss Wedding Films is an award winning NJ and NY cinematography company that has long specialized in Hindu wedding ceremonies, creating wedding videos that genuinely capture the ambiance of the events.

If you are ready to book our services, please do not hesitate to give us a call today at 732-824-4740, or complete the form on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Wedding Cinematography in New Jersey

Bliss Wedding Films is a New Jersey based wedding videography company, specializing in rich, cultural weddings. But we consider our work to be more than just video. We consider our team to be cinematographers, focusing on the art of making movies out of the footage from your wedding day.

Wedding cinematography is different from traditional video. Cinematography is meant to tell a story, allowing even those not in attendance to live your wedding as if they were there. For more information about our NJ wedding cinematography services, please call us today at 732-824-4740.

Why a Cinematographer?

Each wedding and each couple has their own unique story that is destined to be told. That story is found not only in the speeches – it is told in the details, the emotion, and the personality and character that each wedding possesses.

It is with that approach that Nayeem and Bliss Wedding Films provides wedding cinematography for their happy couples. Unlike traditional wedding videography, wedding cinematography:

  • Tells a Story – Every single video is designed to tell a story from start to finish. Your wedding video is not just a highlight reel – it is an extension of you and your love for each other. That is found in the quality of your story.
  • Captures the Details – With this approach to creating beautiful video, wedding cinematography will capture all the details. Every scene has a purpose. You’ll be able to watch your wedding video and remember each component, setting the scene for you to spark your own memories.
  • Re-playable – Wedding videos are meant to be watched. We design your wedding film to be replayed over and over again, in a way that is always meaningful to you.

There are many wedding videographers. But it is this special approach to wedding cinematography that so many couples love. You hire a NJ wedding videographer not to simply stand there and record your wedding, but to re-create the magic that you experienced at the event.

That’s what we do our best to provide here at Bliss Wedding Videos. To see some of the videos we’ve created, please feel free and view our wedding films, and contact us at any time to schedule your wedding shoot.

Cinematic Wedding Videography in New Jersey at Bliss Wedding Videos

From the moment you met, you and your fiancé have been creating your story. You’ve been learning to communicate, studying each other’s faces, teaching each other how to love, and developing a journey that has taken you to this point together.

It all combines into one beautiful wedding, where the two of you begin your own new life together. Your journey deserves to be told in a way that is special to you, with cinematic wedding videography that we at Bliss Wedding Films create for you.

Award Winning Cinematic Videography

Bliss Wedding Videos has created some award winning wedding videos for couples across the United States. Based in New Jersey, Nayeem and his support team capture the moments that make your wedding special, with simple and powerful videos that display your love, your passion, and your heart.

While we are best known for our work with Indian wedding videography, we have also filmed and created wedding content for Chinese, American, and even Fusion weddings that combine different cultures and styles. We focus on crafting a cinematic vision that will turn your video into something truly amazing – a film that you are proud to show others, including your future children.

With our cinematic wedding videography, you’ll receive a video that will:

  • Withstand Time – Like a classic movie, your cinematic wedding video will withstand the tests of time, and always feel as special as it did to get married.
  • Be Replayable – You’ll want to watch your video again and again, as our cinematic wedding videography tells your story and helps you live your wedding over and over.
  • Capture the Colors and Magic – Weddings are not just social gatherings. They have themes, colors, romance, and more. Bliss Wedding Films tries to capture that magic in a cinematic way.

Your love is like a movie. Your wedding video should be too. For more information about our cinematic wedding videography in NJ, or to inquire about our destination services, please contact us today.