Do you travel?

Yes. Most of the weddings which we film are outside of New Jersey.  

Do you also do photography?

We do not do wedding photography but we do know couple of great wedding photographers who share a similar creative vision and goals. Working alongside with one of these photographers is creatively fulfilling for both sides because of their unobtrusive style of working and an emphasis on visual brilliance.

How many weddings do you film a year?

We film 15 weddings a year to make sure you get the service and quality you deserve. After all, you get married only once.  

Will you be there to film my wedding?

We film ONE wedding a day!! Yes, I will be the one filming your wedding. 

How much in advance do I need to book you?

We do get booked year or two in advance. If you know your wedding date and location, reach out to us. It's never too early. 

How much do you charge?

Every wedding is different so the price. Reach out to us and we will create a custom package for you.    

How soon will I get my film?

It could take between three to five months. We have been told it's worth the wait.