Dhara and Ronak's Indian Wedding Movie at Sheraton Mahwah, New Jersey

Here is the Indian wedding movie from Dhara and Ronak's wedding festivities. There Mehndi night and Grah shanti vidhi took place at Dhara's house with close family and friends. There wedding took place in beautfiful Sheraton Mahwah, NJ. I personally love shooting backyard events because it's so beautiful to see everyone coming together to celebrate weddings festivities together over multiple days.  

During discussion with Dhara and Ronak, I learned their $2 story which is very unique and interesting. It's about $2 bill which Ronak gave it to Dhara as a good luck and was spent (by mistake) by Dhara but it came back to them. It was very important for us to capture it in the Indian wedding movie so their coming generations know that it was their destiny. 

When bride is walking down the aisle, we get great shot of groom's expression but Ronak gave us bonus clip during their first look. It was so cute to see Ronak crying out loud and Dhara laughing out loud when they show each other first time in the morning. One of my fav moment in the whole highlight film. 

Generally speaking, groomsmen got groom's back all day long but Ronak's groomsmen were unique. During Garba night, they decided to toss Ronak and then catch him before he goes on the floor. Everything worked out except the catching part and there was Ronak on the floor. Checkout the clip at 04:23. I was worried for a second but it turned out to be one of the funnest moment of the day. 

We love what we do just because weddings are full of moments waiting to be captured. Dhara and Ronak's wedding was no different and the result is awesome Indian wedding movie. Check it out and write your comments.